Qatar Airways Cargo and Airlink deliver $2.1M aid to 17 countries

Since renewing their partnership in April 2022, Qatar Airways Cargo and Airlink have joined forces to deliver 58 shipments on behalf of 22 organisations, providing $2.1 million in transportation relief. Through this collaboration, they have mobilised 351 tonnes of humanitarian goods to seventeen countries, benefiting an estimated 5.8 million people worldwide.

The much-needed aid includes medicines, medical supplies, hospital beds, solar equipment, nutritional supplements, water and sanitation supplies, tarps, blankets, hygiene kits, and food assistance. Among the recipient countries are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Türkiye, and Syria.

The partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo not only supports Airlink’s nonprofit partners but also helps global communities impacted by disasters and humanitarian crises. The renewed contract, valid until April 2025, allows the cargo carrier to mobilise 500 tonnes of relief supplies free of charge. Both companies emphasise the importance of such partnerships in responding to crises and aiding governments and NGOs worldwide, while also focusing on sustainability efforts through their ESG frameworks.

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