Pushpendra Pratap Singh, Master of Fate and Captain of His Journey

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh affirms that the purpose of the journey is to take control of yourself, your life, and your future prosperity. Success truly has no end.

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Pushpendra Pratap Singh, master of fate and captain of his journey

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh joined Asia Shipping International Transport India as “Country Head-Commercial” in 2019. Contemplating his performance and leadership skills, in a tenure of one year, he was elevated to “Country Head.” He leads the PAN-India team and is accountable for overall business growth in India. He worked at EUSU Logistics, a Korea-based multinational, which endowed him as Chief Commercial Officer in 2017. He broadened his horizons as National Manager, Strategic Sales, with Hanjin Logistics India in 2013.


Having completed his graduation, he pursued GNIIT at NIIT. After that, he completed a Masters in Business Administration from AIMA-CMA in New Delhi. He had a vision to build, grow, and expand his career while manifesting himself as a person who was happier, more successful, and healthier. He started his career path in 1998 with the renowned USA-based goods shipping company Schaefco International in the sales team. Joined WW Shipping Agencies (as agents for Samudera Shipping Line) in 1999. He joined Agility Logistics in 2006, a Kuwait-based multinational company, and expanded its ocean freight business. In 2008, he moved to Jas Forwarding Worldwide as Manager, Sales. In a span of one year, his diligent efforts paid off, and he got promoted to Regional Manager, Business Development Ocean (North), entrusting his shoulder to the North India freight forwarding team. Being an individual with an aspiration to learn and grow in industry, he pursued a PhD in logistics and supply chain management from the World Peace Institute of the United Nations.

Dr. Singh emphasised building strong relationships with carriers and avoiding being a regular rate shopper

Life encounters

We all witnessed a catastrophic phase called the COVID-19 pandemic, which had rippling effects on economies worldwide. This was an unexpected and unanticipated chapter that taught us to be serene, demonstrate capacity for resilience, take health seriously, and be prepared for the unexpected. During this phase, shipping, logistics, and supply chains faced a turbulent time due to equipment shortages, reduced capacities, quarantine of vessels and their crew members, and sky-high freight charges in both air and ocean modes. Booking a single container was a herculean task. Detention and demurrage-free time reduced and made global shipping services very complex. This means additional costs and stress for the logistics industry as well as final customers.

His knowledge and problem-solving aptitude catered to various customers’ supply chain needs, especially in the automotive sector. It is very important to understand that carriers have different tariffs and slabs. The waiver is time-consuming, resulting in delayed clearances, and is not guaranteed at all times. However, it was successfully delivered to his customers. Dr. Singh emphasised building strong relationships with carriers and avoiding being a regular rate shopper. Focusing on regular, steady trade lanes and establishing contracts with carriers is the master key to reducing freight prices.

Industry Trends

According to Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, “the sky’s the limit” for the logistics and supply chain industry’s future. Offering end-to-end solutions for the satisfaction of their customers is the company’s driving force. The fundamental and crucial foundation for corporate growth will be digitalization. Companies that prepare themselves in accordance with government NLP policy will see enormous success. Future attention will be paid to maintaining a balanced business, which includes coverage of all supply chain industry modes, such as warehousing, road transport, domestic transfers, air freight, and ocean freight. Combining both nomination and free-hand business stabilises the growth prospects. By forming a solid partnership with their international offices and allies abroad, the companies will have a bright future. There is a good chance that Indian businesses will join a worldwide network and gain credibility.

He received the Bharat Shree Award for “Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Service to the Nation” from Sardar Iqbal Singh Lal Pura, the Hon’ble Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Government of India

Impact of technology

As stated by Dr. Singh, the World Wide Web (WWW) has improved service quality and simplified business processes in the logistics sector. Improved internet accessibility boosted e-commerce and the creation of many solutions, including real-time freight tracking around the world. The impact of technology and automation on the supply chain has been immense, leading to faster communication, updating shipment data on a single software globally, instant filing of Bills of Entry or Shipping Bills with ease of depositing duty and statutory charges, and NEFT payments to airlines and shipping lines for virtual meetings, among other things.

The World Wide Web (WWW) has simplified businesses and enhanced service quality in the logistics industry. Enhanced internet accessibility, augmented e-commerce, and the development of several tools, including real-time cargo tracking across the globe The impact of technology and automation in the supply chain has been stupendous, resulting in faster communication, updating shipment data on single software around the world, instant filing of a bill of entry or shipping bill with ease in depositing duty and statutory charges, NEFT payment to the airline or shipping line, virtual meetings, etc. Technology has not only improved our work ethics but is also a tested frontier and a vital pillar in the logistics industry.

The younger generation is technologically adept and aware that automation plays a crucial role in logistics and supply chains. In the coming years, he is looking forward to user-friendly software with pre-defined information across the globe, sharp and accurate cargo tracking, and quick customs clearance throughout PAN India. Since e-commerce can analyse consumer behaviour, predict future trends, and tailor marketing campaigns accordingly, it will speed up the handling of shipments.


Receiving “Sales Excellence 2022” Award from Asia Shipping International Transport

Multitudinous honours have been bestowed on Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh. The year 2022 had been a phenomenal period in his life. He received his doctorate in shipping and logistics in April 2022 from the World Peace Institute of the United Nations, an organisation duly recognised by the Government of India. Earning a Ph.D. proved to be a significant step towards a brighter future. He received the Bharat Shree Award for “Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Service to the Nation” from Sardar Iqbal Singh Lal Pura, the Hon’ble Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Government of India. Being a true Indian from the bottom of his heart, this was an honourable moment for him.

He was awarded “Icon of Asia—Acharya/Business Mentor of the Year” in the Logistics and Shipping Industry by Adv. Udaiveer Singh Bindra and Neeraj A. Sharma, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Palau to India. The elite “entrepreneurs and educators” of Asia attended the award ceremony, signifying the presence of international legends from all over the world. Additionally, he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his “outstanding achievement and remarkable role in shipping and logistics” by the Bharat Gaurav Shri Samman Parishad, which was duly acknowledged by the Indian government.

The Indian CSR Awards honoured him with “Best Social Entrepreneur of the Year—2022” from Hon’ble Dr. Kiran Bedi. These awards are presented to recognise and honour groups and individuals who contribute to the betterment of mankind and national development. The MSME India Business Awards conferred him with “Business Mentor of the Year 2022” for his contribution to the logistics industry. The top category award for “Sales Excellence 2022” was the icing on the cake for Asia Shipping International Transport’s remarkable growth and business development. He has never set his ambitions to end anywhere; therefore, the saga is still ongoing.

Dr. Singh advises that there are simply no shortcuts. To achieve a successful career, hard work, patience, and consistency are required

CSR activities

As a philanthropist, he supports individuals and NGOs that work to improve the welfare of the community in his individual capacity. He supports underprivileged students’ education and lends his assistance to those in need. On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, he took part in organising a blood donation camp with the Mahavir International Social Foundation, Dr. Suraj Prakash Aarogya Kendra, and the Indian Red Cross Society, Faridabad. They were honoured for their great work in donating blood and saving lives. He is also a chief advisory board member of the Daksh Foundation. The Daksh Foundation places a strong emphasis on empowering farmers, senior citizens, and ethnic craftsmen to preserve their craft and culture.

As a “Finest Mind Speaker” at the Maharashtra Water Summit at the Yashwant Rao Chavan Pratisthan Auditorium, he emphasised that the onus of water conservation and sustainability lies on the shoulders of each individual in the country. This responsibility can never be solely shoved on the government, NGOs, or CSR initiatives. This summit was designed to discuss water-related issues in the Maharashtra region and access cutting-edge minds to seek solutions. As a special guest at India CSR’s 13th CSR Leadership Summit, he advised the CSR team to spend the funds wisely. Recently, he was associated with “Connected,” which works for an honourable cause to pull out women suffering from melancholy, depression, and sadness in their lives.


In a career span of 24+ years, he handled several categories of cargo. This included break bulk, project cargo, ad hoc size shipments, reefer containers, and not to miss flight chartering. Successfully handled various project cargo for Honda India, JK Group, Jaquar India, U-flex Group, Reliance, Subros, Carrier Aircon, etc. Time management and intact delivery of cargo remained top priorities. During heavy rainfall and floods in Nhava Sheva, container movement disrupted the entire supply chain cycle. Special emphasis was being laid out to ensure prompt railment of containers to their desired ICDs. As a service provider, it is our responsibility to provide seamless services to our customers.


Dr. Singh advises that there are simply no shortcuts. To achieve a successful career, hard work, patience, and consistency are required. Never give up on something you believe in. Even if one is not talented, hard work and regular practice hold the key to opulence in life. Willpower, affirming not to give up, and self-awareness make up for inadequacies, and hard work brings quality to life. He is a firm believer in the adage, “Those who try Hard, Never Lose.” Practising positive thinking with gratitude for life not only enhances psychological health with a longer lifespan but also increases physical well-being and strength to cope with stress. Therefore, positive thinking with practice, hard work, and self-belief can achieve the impossible.

Future plans

The final two lines of William Ernest’s poem Invictus—”You are the master of your fate and captain of your journey”—are the perfect paradigm of his credence. According to Dr. Singh, change is inevitable, and this delights, stimulates, and brainstorms his analytical thinking without fear. Being a commander on a pan-India basis, this dynamic characteristic enthrals his skills and tickles his conceptual nerves. In the future, he desires to keep encouraging peers and imparting his knowledge, expertise, and skills to the younger generation of new-age India pursuing their dreams in the corporate world. He intends to inspire staff and accelerate their skills by designing and implementing several staff training programmes, including DGR courses. He also wants to conduct sessions on Incoterms training, significant cargo terminology, inland container depots (ICD) and container freight stations (CFS), freight planning, and consolidation process sessions at regular intervals to facilitate, improvise, strengthen, and metamorphose skills in staff. He contemplates sharing his challenges encountered in automotive, pharma, retail, hospitality, etc. verticals in shipping and logistics on a day-to-day basis and his in-depth analysis of several case studies and experiences to minimise potential errors in the industry.

“In respect to my ethical and humanitarian ambitions as a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, I wish to extend inordinate assistance and contribution to make our homeland “a better place to live,” he asserts. “I am a patriot at heart, and it is an honour and a source of pride for me to help the underprivileged and deprived section of society”.

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh feels that “a perfect amalgamation of professional and personal life is key for a successful and contented life. I’d like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to my parents, family, and fraternity in logistics and supply chain. This intensifies my desire to give back to the community and society.” Dr. Singh concluded.

In respect to my ethical and humanitarian ambitions as a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, I wish to extend inordinate assistance and contribution to make our homeland “a better place to live

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