Pune Airport Cargo Terminal still awaiting nod from BCAS

Not a single metric tonne of cargo has left the Pune airport in the last seven months. This delay in the integrated freight terminal’s opening has grown to be a subject of concern for logistics professionals and small company owners.

A nod from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), which grants approval for such facilities to operate at any airport, is still pending, according to sources in the airport, despite the new facility being ready. “Earlier this week, a group of BCAS employees paid the facility a visit. They appeared content with the setup. They must, however, officially authorise us before we can begin operating from the new location. Our work is complete. BCAS is now in charge,” an airport official said.

According to sources, the BCAS team has indicated that authorisation to start cargo services from the new port is anticipated by the second week of July. “They haven’t requested any more adjustments from us. We are certain that the permission will come quickly.”, the official continued.

Due to specific legal and infrastructure concerns in the current cargo processing area, the BCAS ceased all domestic cargo imports and exports as well as all international cargo exports in January 2023. Later, certain airlines were given permission to handle domestic goods, including SpiceJet and IndiGo. The authorisation for shipments of foreign freight was not offered.

Tushar Sutar, the joint secretary of Exim Integrated Club said, “Big exporters have somehow managed by transporting their cargo via Mumbai. However, the smaller traders are suffering. We hope the new facility starts soon,” 

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