Proper Layout and Space Utilisation, a Must for Efficient Warehousing

Proper layout and space utilisation, a must for efficient warehousing

According to Balvinder Kumar, Managing Director, Mex Storage Systems, “the primary factor for any industry is to improve efficiency.” A variety of factors can help improve the efficiency of the warehouse. To achieve the desired result, efficiency must be prioritised and measured properly.

So, the factors that increase work efficiency are:

Order Composition

It is impossible to predict what customers will want and when they will want it. But the most important thing is to complete the order as quickly as possible. When it comes to order composition, one should keep two metrics in mind: cost per line item and time per line item. This will assist in increasing efficiency.

Human Resource

People are extremely valuable assets in any industry. Human resources propel the warehouse to new heights, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Warehouse Layout

Warehouse layout and space utilisation are critical factors in determining warehouse efficiency. It is difficult to work in parts of your warehouse that are congested. So, for maximum efficiency, the warehouse needs to be modernised.

Warehouse layout and space utilisation are critical factors in determining warehouse efficiency


It is often the smallest step that takes up the most time because one is unaware of how much time it takes up. So, the best way to improve efficiency is to use a proper methodology to maximise efficiency and eliminate waste. It will give a big boost in the long run.

A good warehousing operations management team is sensitive to the aforementioned factors, as well as all others, in order to achieve success in the industry.” 

Advanced Storage System 

The most serious problem that every warehouse owner faces is congestion. Racks are a sophisticated option that improves productivity and inventory control while also organising space. The advanced storage space optimises resource utilisation and increases productivity. This boosts productivity as well as profit margins. Human error will be reduced, product damage will be reduced, and safety will be enhanced. As a result, in modern times, this is the most dependable solution. The new normal in today’s world is to bring forth innovative and advanced Warehouse Racks, Pallet Racks, Shelving Racks, and other products that can improve material handling.


Markets are rising as a result of the government’s proposed and implemented reforms. As a result, it is the best investment sector today and will continue to be so in the future. That is why private financial and investment firms from around the world are eyeing India as their preferred warehousing investment destination, predicting a bright future for this industry for at least the next 20 years. 


  • Technology is critical to the advancement of the warehouse industry. Let’s take a closer look at the innovations that are transforming warehouses and why managers should consider implementing them:
  • Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Systems use software as a service to create a system worker that can integrate and sustain itself without downtime. Technology can assist warehouse companies in reducing energy consumption, product waste, and emissions.
  • Mobile devices, such as barcode scanners and GPS navigation, increase efficiency and reduce inventory loss. New technology can help you determine the best warehouse layout and any value-added processes to use.
  • Cartonisation saves time by eliminating the guesswork involved in determining the carton size for each product.

There are numerous other technological advantages that benefit the warehouse industry in various ways. Only innovation and technology can make work smarter and more efficient.

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