National Logistics Summit 2023 explores Gati Shakti vision

The Federation of National Industries organised a significant National Logistics Summit in Gurugram, dedicated to the theme of Gati Shakti within the logistics industry. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, the country head of Asia Shipping, as the chief guest. Distinguished attendees included Mohit Luthra, Assistant Secretary General, PHDCCI, K.R. Sharma, Chairman, Suntek Axpress, Surender Saini, Chairman, Federation of National Industries (FNI); Gunjan Mehta, Secretary General, FNI and Dr. Ankur Sharan were present at the summit.

With over 50 logistics companies from Gurugram and Delhi participating, the summit fostered insightful discussions on the prevailing challenges in the logistics sector and explored innovative solutions to address them effectively.

In his address, Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, the chief guest, attentively listened to the concerns of the logistics representatives and shared his expert views on the matter. He emphasised the pivotal role of logistics companies in fortifying India’s industrial prowess and bolstering the nation’s economic condition, not only within the country but also through global engagements. Dr. Singh passionately encouraged potential entrepreneurs to join the thriving logistics industry and offered valuable insights to enable exporting entrepreneurs to market their products at competitive prices.

During the summit, Mohit Luthra, shed light on their organisation’s commitment to supporting a diverse range of sectors, attracting several renowned logistics companies into partnership. He addressed the significance of supply chain professionals and management and extended a warm invitation to everyone for PHD’s grand Logistics Summit scheduled for August 11.

Additionally, Dr. Ankur Sharan and KR Sharma, along with other esteemed guests, contributed their thoughts and experiences to enrich the event.

Wrapping up the summit, the Chairman of the Federation of National Industry, Surendra Saini, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all dignitaries for their participation, assuring continuous organisation of such events across different states to invigorate and empower the entrepreneurs associated with the logistics industry. Participants were promised access to correct and timely information about future programs and initiatives.

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