LOGICBOX: A Comprehensive Logistics Solution Suite

The LOGICBOX is an integrated logistics platform that is cloud-based and simplifies, automates, and accelerates the logistics process. LogicBox offers a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions, including supply chain management, freight management, inventory management, order fulfilment, and other operations. Businesses can use LogicBox to streamline their supply chain processes, improve operational efficiency, drive cost savings, and shorten delivery times. The user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard of LogicBox enable businesses to easily and quickly monitor their supply chain operations in real time. Businesses can use LogicBox to gain visibility into their entire supply chain, from order to delivery.

They offer transportation solutions for B2B and retail platforms, as well as Grade A warehousing, where integrated solutions are delivered with precision and consistency on a single platform, resulting in shorter lead times. 

LOGICBOX: A Comprehensive Logistics Solution Suite
Pradip Jha, MD, Logicbox India

In an exclusive interview with Pradip Jha, Managing Director, Logicbox India, a dedicated professional who prioritises results and has over 15 years of expertise in relationship management, business development, marketing, and sales. Logical, driven by oneself, and imaginative, a dynamic go-getter who is quick to pick things up and can operate under pressure. His specialties include business development, developing business strategies, ensuring profitability, setting sales goals and forecasts, analysing consumer behaviour, reaching out to untapped markets, investigating new opportunities, researching market segments, keeping an eye on competitor activity, researching market response, building relationships, and meeting decision-makers, all of which are necessary. He is adept at discovering new market niches, seizing lucrative business possibilities, and managing client relationships to ensure client satisfaction by meeting delivery and service quality standards.

LogicBox takes pride in providing their customers with high-quality services that save money and give them a competitive advantage in their market.

Please describe the history of LOGICBOX, including when it was founded and what the company’s vision and mission are.

Shree Vasu Logistics, a subsidiary of the Squad Group of Companies, has been providing warehousing services since 2007. They offer flexible, efficient surface solutions to their customers and have a dependable local and national transportation service that guarantees the safe and prompt delivery of shipments. It is now time for the newly established LogicBox, which operates under the same banner, to assume responsibility for logistics, moving forward steadfastly along this path while providing services and maintaining confidence.

LOGICBOX: A Comprehensive Logistics Solution Suite

LogicBox takes pride in providing their customers with high-quality services that save money and give them a competitive advantage in their market. LogicBox is a forward-thinking company with diverse backgrounds and years of experience in Central India, the East, and the North East of India. We are aware of our competition and what we can offer. We don’t cut corners and will go to any length to build successful customer relationships. When we make promises, we always keep them. We are confident in our partnership with our clients, which we expect to last for many years. We are constantly making advancements to adapt to changing industry needs, giving our customers a competitive advantage. Our growth and sustainability are a reflection of our dependable services and trustworthiness.

Vision: Selecting LogicBox as the preferred partner in the Indian domestic supply chain, ensuring on-time delivery everywhere. Be a supply chain candidate who meets each customer’s needs in an appropriate manner for each resource, exemplifying suitability and displaying a distinct sense of style.

Mission: To achieve maximum delivery satisfaction from the city to the suburbs in 733 districts in the whole of India. Changes in the industry continue to occur, new things emerge, and we continue to lead the way through our continuous improvement, effort, and principles.

Value: We are humans, and a human’s first behaviour is humanity, in which we have complete faith. If we succeed, the result will be the best in itself, and there is always the hope that the next time will be better than this time. When we accept an assignment, we define and design its accountability, and each assignment is assimilated with a high degree of principle determination. We are proud of everything we do for our organisation; it is our value and the mark of a true organisation.

LOGICBOX: A Comprehensive Logistics Solution Suite
LOGICBOX: A Comprehensive Logistics Solution Suite 16

What are the main products and services you provide to the industry, and what is your unique selling point? 

LogicBox is capable of transforming and optimising supply chain solutions. It is low-cost, discreet, and definitely within budget. Growth requires both time and value, and LogicBox makes it simple to achieve both. In an ideal world, goods will be the first to arrive at the selling door, and the price will be reasonable in relation to service satisfaction. Since 2007, Shree Vasu Logistics has catered to the needs of warehouse services under the Squad brand. LogicBox operates under the same banner and assumes responsibility for logistics, moving forward with vigour on this path of providing services and maintaining trust.

Growth requires both time and value, and LogicBox makes it simple to achieve both.

LogicBox maintains a clear vision of reaching new heights. It will provide the highest level of express services (road, rail, and air), warehousing (advance inventory management), project management, reverse logistics, and e-commerce operations with safe and on-time deliveries. All of these engagements would be carried out with a highly trained pool of manpower under experienced supervision, as well as Oracle-based technology. LogicBox now has a fully fledged presence in Central India, East India, and North East India. The suburbs do not go without services. They serve 10,000 pin codes through 110 of their own branches and 150 fulfilment centres. They reach customers through a variety of sales channels, including B2B, B2C, D2C, and channel sales. Aside from these services, they do not shy away from customising orders to provide clients with additional benefits. Their goal is to reach all 733 districts in India by 2025. The success of the connectivity provided by LogicBox is due to the web of networking that exists all around. Manpower, hub, vehicles, and clients are all linked by advanced equipment and technology.

How much will the recently launched New National Logistics Policy benefit your organisation and the entire industry?

The policy’s goal is to raise India’s Logistics Performance Index and place it among the top 25 countries. The warehouse sector should be standardised to reduce logistical issues, transportation stress on highways could be reduced by shifting some of it to alternative modes of transportation.

Simply put, the Front Door Target is $10 trillion by 2025, which will cover a larger portion of the transportation market.

  • Increased Efficiency: National logistics policy will  assist transportation companies in increasing the efficiency of their operations by providing a clear strategy for resource and operation utilisation. Companies that have a clear operations strategy can better plan their shipments, resulting in fewer delays and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Cost Savings: National logistics policies can also save money for transportation companies. Companies can reduce the costs associated with developing, implementing, and managing their own unique logistics strategies by providing standardised procedures for operations. This can result in significant long-term cost savings.
  • Increased Competition: National logistics policy can also assist transportation companies in increasing competition. Companies can more easily compare their services to those of their competitors by providing a clear and consistent framework for transportation operations. Customers may benefit from improved services and lower prices as a result of increased competition. 
  • Improved Service: Finally, national logistics policy can also assist transportation companies in improving their customer service. Companies that have a clear and consistent operational strategy can respond to customer requests and inquiries more quickly and easily. This enhanced service has the potential to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

How satisfied are you with your company’s growth to date, and what are your plans for the next five years?

We are expanding our network in Eastern India and North East India, and by 2023, we will cover the Northern Region, including UP, and the Southern Region, including Bangalore, but we are also aligning our strategy to confidently offer Pan India suburbs.

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