KSH Logistics’ View on Budget 2023

KSH Logistics’ Operations Head, Deepak Tiwari, opens up on the recent budget and what it holds for the industry.

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Speaking on Budget 2023, KSH Logistics’ COO, Deepak Tiwari, shares,

“Budget 2023 is prioritizing the logistics and supply chain sector with a significant allocation of Capex of 10 lakh crore in infrastructure, roads, and railways which will help the industry to accelerate its growth. We believe that this initiative taken by the government will ensure the timely creation of exceptional transportation infrastructure and improve logistics throughout the country. On the other hand, the emphasis on green energy and skill development demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and growth, positioning the industry for a more efficient, environmentally conscious, and skilled future.”KSH Logistics is known for serving the supply chain industry for over two decades with holistic solutions like line feed, in-plant operations, DC consolidation model, and network optimisation services through its A-Grade compliant Multi-Client Facility (MCF) Warehouses spread over a million square feet area and Mobility Services through more than 100 fleets across key markets in India.

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