Kerala’s maritime connectivity to boost with Vizhinjam Port’s completion

The Vizhinjam Port, set to be one of the largest ports in the world, is making strides towards its commercial commissioning in May 2024, according to Kerala’s Minister for Ports, Ahammed Devarkovil. With an estimated cost of Rs 7,700 crore, the port’s construction is almost 90 percent complete. To mark a significant milestone, the first ship from China, carrying cranes for the port’s premises, is expected to dock at Vizhinjam in September as an Onam gift to the people of Kerala.

The port will feature an impressive 800-metre berth, with the first 400 metres already finished. This capacity will accommodate large ships from across the globe. Progress is also being made on the 3,100-metre breakwater structure, with 2,350 metres already completed.

To address concerns about boulder availability for the breakwater, the Kerala government has secured a steady supply from Tamil Nadu. Boulders are being stockpiled and will be deposited in the sea after the monsoon season. Furthermore, efforts are underway to resolve the issue of compound wall construction and the relocation of a church, with the government actively considering the demands put forth by the Adani Group.

In addition to the Vizhinjam Port, the government plans to develop smaller ports to enhance cargo connectivity, minimise road congestion, and improve transportation safety. These initiatives will drive economic growth and open new avenues for trade and commerce in the region. Despite initial setbacks, the government’s commitment to addressing concerns and ensuring a sustainable future remains steadfast.

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