Japan is looking at using India’s UPI payment system: Japanese Minister

Japanese Digital Minister Kono Taro stated that UPI is a “very convenient system of payment,” and the Japanese government is seriously contemplating joining India’s UPI payment system.

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Japan is looking at using India's UPI payment system: Japanese Minister

Minister Taro told reporters, “Japan and India are attempting to promote digital cooperation.” We are serious about joining India’s UPI payment system and are also thinking about how we may mutually recognise EID, beginning with cooperation to improve interoperability. The G7 has agreed to develop a new framework for cross-border data flow with a new secretariat, and we hope that the Indian government will join this framework.”

 When asked about India’s digital revolution, the Japanese minister expressed surprise at the country’s rapid progress in this area. According to Taro, UPI is a “very convenient payment system” that “can increase interoperability between governments.” “It could be another standard of cross-border payment,” he speculated.

The minister also addressed artificial intelligence and its emerging risks and prospects. He stressed the importance of regulating and combating fake news spread by AI.

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