iThink Logistics introduces ‘Dark Mode’ to its website

The end-to-end multiple courier aggregator shipping platform, iThink Logistics, has introduced ‘Dark Mode’ feature on its website. Allowing users a flexible switch between white and black background interface, the update will enhance users’ lives and well-being. 

Going live on the platform, the update is accessible to both customers and other visitors on the website. With increased readability, dark mode will benefit especially those users that spend much longer time using iThink dashboard. Offering multiple benefits, this update will help focus better by reducing light emission, eye strain, screen glare, headaches, and blue light impact on the skin. Additionally, it also improves overall sleep quality by aligning to the natural signs our body requires for a good sleep.  

Extending device usage with comfort, the ‘Dark Mode’ feature ultimately offers enhanced user experience with contrast look, and ability to differentiate between distinctive colour elements. As per iThink Logistics, the update will “greatly enhance our users’ experience and well being”

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