Indian Railways set to introduce double-decker Auto transport wagons for SUVs

Indian Railways is gearing up to commission redesigned double-decker auto transport wagons, known as the ‘ACT1’ (auto car taller wagon), in the next two weeks. These wagons, customised to meet industry demands, will efficiently transport more cars, especially SUVs, thus reducing emissions and expenses. The current bogie-covered bi-level auto car wagons (BCACBM) can only load SUVs in the lower deck. However, the new ACT1 wagons can carry SUVs on both decks, significantly increasing capacity. 

With one rake of 33 ACT1 wagons, a train will accommodate 330 small cars or 264 SUVs, promoting the shift from road to rail transport. The design has already been approved for use on Dedicated Freight Corridors.

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