In 2023, The Driving Forces Would Still be Adaptability, Visibility, and Flexibility

According to Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, Country Head, Asia Shipping International Transport, shipping, and logistics are thriving and growing at an exponential rate, and the momentum has been accelerated by the recently launched National Logistics Policy.

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Successful brands have discovered that flexibility and visibility are the keys to surviving unanticipated supply chain disruption as businesses of all kinds continue to deal with economic instability, shipment delays, and supply chain bottlenecks.

Macroeconomic risk management will become a crucial component of planning tools and procedures as businesses continue to struggle with global volatility, supply shortages, and geopolitical shifts. Now is the time to evaluate whether you have plans for mitigating potential hazards and flexible compliance requirements that can expand your company in 2023.

The new year is an excellent time to rethink your supply chain strategy, but where should you begin? CargoInsights, finds the answer to it from the industry.

Post-COVID, Shipping and Logistics are gearing up as the congestion that plagued logistics seems to be easing. Containers are available, freight costs are returning, and the industry will continue to grow as more vessels operate. In 2023, the driving forces of flexibility, adaptability, and visibility will continue to drive business with updated technology.

The National Logistics Policy has lately sparked the momentum in shipping and logistics, which are thriving and expanding at an exponential rate. The present pool of skilled workers is able to keep up with the expanding logistics industry. India’s next generation is gifted, intelligent, and cerebral. They are confident, and with exposure to cyberspace, social media provides them with an opportunity to explore and choose skills according to their preferences. Due to its dynamic nature, shipping and logistics are being treated as an in-demand, preferred, and sought-after career option.

Boom in e-commerce

In contemporary times, the World Wide Web has forfeited manual bookkeeping. The information is saved on microchips and in cloud-based applications. The selling or buying of goods or services is not limited to adjacent markets but is unrestricted by geographical boundaries. While a booking can be made with a few clicks on a Smartphone, delivery can be tracked in real-time. Supply Chain efficiency can be attained by accelerating order fulfilment on time or before time delivery. Marketing efforts must be maximised by distributing them across multiple platforms and optimising resources.

Our coming generation in India is talented, cerebral, and intellectual.

Investments in technology 

Technology has changed our day-to-day lives and has brought the world closer and better connected by reducing effort and time and enhancing efficiency. We cannot escape technology as it improved our quality of life and brought about revolutions in various fields of modern-day society. In order to keep pace with the updated technology of track & trace, it is an absolute necessity to invest in dedicated software, applications, and the web. Asia Shipping ensures it is abreast of the latest technology and that systems are updated ahead of time. Following COVID-19, visiting cards were phased out in favour of QR codes, and web-based applications for contactless information are prime examples of being technologically savvy. The company invested heavily in a world-class Logistics Software named Cargo Wise which is a single-based platform simplifying operations, accountancy, invoicing & simultaneously tracking each shipment in real-time.


Asia Shipping is one of the rapidly growing companies in Latin America & worldwide. I am confident that in India, the National Logistics Policy would ameliorate the infrastructure and environment by building, growing, and taking the logistics industry to new shores. This shall be synergised by the opening up of new branches in logistic-centric hubs and major cities in India by Asia Shipping. The company also plans to maximise its resources by creating more jobs, lowering transportation and freight costs, and upskilling the workforce.

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