Hindalco partners with Italian firm for precision aluminium products

Hindalco Industries has signed a technology partnership with Italy-based Metra SpA renowned for its expertise in producing structured and value-added aluminium extrusions. The partnership aims to enable the production of large-size aluminium extrusion and fabrication technology for building high-speed aluminium rail coaches in India, underscoring Hindalco’s flagbearer role in upholding the Indian Government’s vision to foster superior domestic manufacturing capabilities.

The collaboration marks a pivotal move to bring world-class technology – currently limited to Europe, China, Japan, and a few other countries – to India. The tie-up provides Hindalco the launching pad to drive the ambitious upgradation programme of Indian Railways which runs the world’s largest rail network. 

To help make passenger coaches for the Vande Bharat trains, Hindalco plans to invest Rs.2,000 crore for the project and the technology alliance will provide the cutting-edge technology for this effort.

Last October, Hindalco launched India’s first all-aluminium lightweight freight rake, which is not just enabling higher speeds and more payload per trip but will save over 14,500 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime. The company plans to introduce three more designs of freight wagons in the coming months targeting specific commodities such as cement and foodgrains.

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