Gujarat’s greenfield Rajkot International Airport commences operations

Gujarat’s newly constructed Rajkot International Airport took its first flights on September 10 in Hirasar, marking a significant milestone for the region’s air travel infrastructure. Located on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway, approximately 30 km from Rajkot City and the former Rajkot Airport, this greenfield airport has replaced the old facility, which ceased commercial operations on September 8. 

Budget airline IndiGo has transitioned its services to the new airport, which features advanced infrastructure, including a spacious terminal building covering 23,000 square meters, designed to accommodate up to 1,800 passengers simultaneously. With a focus on sustainability, the airport incorporates various eco-friendly elements, including energy-efficient LED lighting and green building standards compliance. This development positions Rajkot International Airport as a vital transportation hub, particularly for travelers heading to foreign destinations.

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