Gebrüder Weiss expands German network with B+A Acquisition in Nuremberg

Gebrüder Weiss, the Austrian logistics company, is strengthening its German network through the acquisition of B+A Luft- und Seefrachtspedition in Nuremberg. B+A specialises in the import and export of groupage freight containers between Asia and Germany. With this integration, Gebrüder Weiss aims to enhance its German Air & Sea network. The 20 employees of B+A will be retained, and the company will continue operating under its current name. Gebrüder Weiss recognises Nuremberg as a key logistics location in Germany and sees the acquisition as a significant boost to its services. 

The addition of B+A’s expertise in air and sea freight perfectly complements Gebrüder Weiss’ existing land transport and logistics focus in Nuremberg. This strategic move allows the company to offer a more comprehensive range of services to customers in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Gebrüder Weiss has been present in Nuremberg since 2017 and continues to expand its network across Germany, providing air, sea, and land transport services in key locations.

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