G20 Summit: India-Europe rail & shipping corridor challenging China

On the G20 summit sidelines, India revealed a multinational rail and shipping corridor linking India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Israel, and the EU. This strategic initiative aims to bolster trade, facilitate energy transportation, and improve digital connectivity. Seen as a challenge to China’s economic influence, the project offers an alternative to the Belt and Road Initiative. 

President Biden and Prime Minister Modi announced the initiative, emphasising its potential for clean energy and economic opportunities. This corridor is expected to reduce trade times between India and Europe by 40 percent, but China was notably absent from the announcement. The project, benefiting low and middle-income countries, enhances the Middle East’s role in global commerce, with pipelines for electricity, hydrogen, and railways contributing to international energy security. While viewed as an alternative to China’s Belt and Road, it complements India’s connectivity goals and broader Middle East diplomacy efforts.

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