FedEx claims that the strike plans won’t affect business

FedEx emphasised that recent strike talk had “no impact on our service.” The Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA), which represents FedEx Express pilots, held a vote on May 17 to approve a strike. A resolution authorising a strike authorization vote in February was unanimously accepted by the FedEx Express Master Executive Council (MEC) of ALPA.

FedEx noted in a statement on May 17 that authorization of a strike is one of several procedures required for one to take place.

The transportation behemoth stated, “At this time, we are still in fruitful negotiations with our pilots under the supervision of a government-appointed mediator and will return to the negotiating table next week.” FedEx is focused on reaching a comprehensive agreement and remains committed to bargaining in good faith with our pilots to achieve an agreement that is fair to them, our other team members, and all other FedEx stakeholders.”

According to FedEx, strikes can only be called with the National Mediation Board’s approval. “They can only take place when other safeguards, like presidential or congressional intervention, do not occur, and only after the parties have gone through numerous legally required steps.” According to ALPHA, 99per cent of FedEx pilots gave their union officials permission to conduct a strike, if necessary, in order to negotiate a new contract with FedEx.

But according to the organisation representing airline pilots, “our goal is to reach an agreement, not to strike.” According to ALPA, the FedEx pilots’ contracts and perks were negotiated in 2015. Six months before the November 2021 amendable deadline, in May 2021, negotiations for a new agreement got under way. In October 2022, negotiations entered mediation.

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