Exporters Feeling Positive Around Doing Business With Russia

With the shaping of seamless payment mechanism between both the countries, it is highly likely for trade to go up as well.

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Exporters Feeling Positive Around Doing Business With Russia
Credit-The Hindu Business Line

As Indian rupee-trade with Russia is set to gain momentum, exporters are quite hopeful of more business opportunities with sanction-hit Russia.

“Action is finally taking place on the banking front. UCO Bank, which got RBI approval in October, opened Gazprombank’s vostro account just a few days ago and is ready for business. 

Even after the RBI gives its approval, it takes time for those banks to approach partner banks and get other related approvals. Now that it has finally happened, UCO Bank and Gazprom can start rupee trade full-fledged and exporters from India can start using the platform. Hopefully payments for oil purchased from Russia can be made in rupee now,” a source tracking the matter told businessline.

While Russia’s Sberbank and VTB have already opened accounts with their own branch offices in India, there were teething problems that are being sorted out. “Sberbank has now agreed not to charge a 4 per cent premium for settling trade in rupee,” pointed out EEPC Chairman Arun Garodia. Sberbank may also be ready to discount the documents of Indian exporters in rupee.

“We will now get in touch with engineering goods exporters to discuss how they can start using the banking platform to carry out exports in rupee,” he said.

RBI has also given a heads up to HDFC Bank & Canara Bank to open Vostro accounts for Russian banks and start operations at the earliest. 

“There is a lot of interest from Russia to import from India and they have been sending us various lists of items they want to buy. Now that the banking mechanism is taking shape, India’s exports to Russia will surely rise,” Ajay Sahai, Director General, FIEO said.

Russia was the target of various economic and banking sanctions from the West, including the EU and the US, following its attack on Ukraine in February this year. Russian banks have been banned from using the SWIFT messaging system that effectively stopped them from participating in international trade.

The RBI, in July this year, allowed international trade in rupees creating the possibility of doing business with Russia in rupees and bypass the sanctions imposed by the West. 

Russia, which is facing a shortage of items due to the West’s sanctions including auto parts, buttons, bleaching agents, refrigerator parts and several industrial equipment, is also keen to buy more from India.

India’s imports from Russia increased 410 per cent to over $21 billion in the first six months of this fisca due to a sharp increase in imports of crude and fertiliser, which has led to a trade gap of about $20 billion that could be bridged as Indian exports rise.

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