Dronamics becomes first Cargo Drone airline with IATA and ICAO codes

Dronamics, the world’s pioneering cargo drone airline in Europe, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining both the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) designator codes. This distinction makes Dronamics the first cargo drone airline to be recognised at par with traditional international airlines.

With the IATA designator code “OY” and accounting prefix “651,” Dronamics gains official recognition as an airline entity, facilitating commercial agreements with other IATA carriers, establishing flight numbers, and enabling seamless cargo uplift within its network. 

Furthermore, the ICAO telephony call sign “Black Swan” and three-letter airline designator “DXE” grant Dronamics essential identifiers for flight planning and communication with air traffic control. Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO of Dronamics, views this achievement as a testament to the company’s pioneering spirit and commitment to revolutionising air cargo.

The recognition by the aviation community reinforces Dronamics’ position on the international aviation map. Co-funded by the European Union, Dronamics is supported by the European Innovation Council, Europe’s flagship innovation program.

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