DFCCIL Double Rail Line From New Karchana-New Sujatpur Completed

Running from New Karchana to New Sujatpur bypassing the Prayagraj city, the 62.65 km long electrified broad gauge Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) double rail line has finally reached its completion recently. The trial run of 53-wagon goods train was also successfully conducted a few days back, thus making the track ready to be opened for the regular movement of goods trains, however, only after the senior administrative grade (SAG) nods a final green signal to it.

With the completion of this segment, all DFC connections with the Indian Railway from Chunar to Kanpur section having a total route of 322.353 km, including four link lines of Cheoki Link Line, Iradatganj Link Line, Sujatpur link line, and Room link Line, is now ready to be regularly operated.

Amit Malaviya, Senior PRO, NCR, commented on this achievement by saying “With the commissioning of this DFC detour, all the goods trains which are passing through Prayagraj Junction, Cheoki, and Naini stations will pass through this DFC detour. It will help North Central Railway (NCR) relieve the congestion on these stations which was due to a large number of trains and as a result punctuality of passenger carrying trains will improve significantly.”

This development comes close on the heels of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) which is the most important 1034-meter-long bridge being built on the Yamuna, getting completed.

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