CSafe expands temperature-controlled shipping solutions

CSafe, the largest provider of comprehensive temperature-controlled shipping solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, has announced its plans to expand its active bulk air cargo container portfolio. The company will integrate a new -20°C temperature setpoint for the CSafe RKN containers. This enhancement will be available on the control panel starting early next year.

The design of CSafe RKN containers requires minimal adjustments to accommodate the new temperature setpoint, minimising the need for additional customer training. CSafe’s patented VIP insulation and air recirculation system have ensured reliable temperature control and extended battery life for the past 15 years.

With the addition of the -20°C capability, CSafe offers a wide range of temperature profiles to meet diverse shipping requirements for high-value therapies. The CSafe RKN containers with the new setpoint will be available for lease in early 2024, providing improved visibility, sustainability, and optimal performance in various transportation scenarios.

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