Continental Carriers Group honours India’s 76th Independence day

India’s 76th Independence Day was celebrated at the Corporate Office of Continental  Carriers Group, New Delhi. The event was graced by Vipin Vohra and Viraj Vohra, Chairman and Director – Continental Carriers Group respectively.

Vipin Vohra hoisted the national flag. This momentous occasion brought together all of Continental employees, who proudly participated in the celebration of the nation’s rich heritage and hard-fought independence. The event was marked with singing of the National Anthem by all the Continental employees. 

In a gesture that epitomised Continental Carriers Group’s deep-rooted patriotism, all the officials were presented with National flags to adorn their workstations and offices along with badges showcasing the tricolour emblem. The gesture of sharing joy and sweetness with distribution of sweets was a reflection of the unity and camaraderie that define Continental workforce. 

In his address to the Continental workforce, Viraj Vohra, Director, Continental Carriers Group stated that the Independence Day celebrations reaffirmed the ideals of unity, progress, and shared responsibility that continue to guide Continental Carriers Group and its dedicated workforce to move forward, united in its pursuit of progress, prosperity, and a brighter future for India. 

Continental Carriers Group honours India's 76th Independence day
Continental Carriers Group honours India's 76th Independence day 14

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