By 2025, India Will be World’s No. 1 Electric Car Manufacturer: Nitin Gadkari

India Will be World’s no. 1 Electric Car Manufacturer

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said, “The Indian automakers are more than capable of producing the world’s best electric vehicles and the country has a plethora of young, skilled designers who are improving their craft. We have all automobile brands here.

It doesn’t matter if one or two of them are not here. We told a company that manufacturing in China and selling cars here won’t work. If you want to come here, you manufacture in India. The auto sector in India should pursue research that will benefit the poor and the industry should always have a goal that will assist the country in becoming self-sufficient, with a focus on quality.

India’s auto sector will become ‘world’s number one manufacturer hub and will be exporting to the entire world’ before the end of 2025”.

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