British Airways sees balanced growth in India, plans for expansion

British Airways, is witnessing a more balanced growth trajectory in India, according to Sean Doyle, the airline’s Chief. During a media roundtable in Delhi, Doyle acknowledged the rising demand for air travel in India and expressed the airline’s aspirations for expansion. As the company rebuilds and modernises itself after the pandemic, India holds significant importance in their growth plans.

The airline has already increased its weekly flights from 49 (pre-pandemic level) to 56, reflecting the surge in operations. Presently, British Airways connects five major Indian cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, providing increased connectivity options to travelers.

Calum Laming, the Chief Customer Officer of British Airways, highlighted that the airline boasts a workforce of over 2,000 employees in India alone. Globally, the airline’s workforce exceeds 35,000 individuals, showcasing the scale and reach of the organisation.

With a focus on balanced growth and recognising the growing demand for air travel, British Airways remains committed to its expansion plans in India. The airline’s presence and commitment to providing quality service in the country make it an integral part of India’s aviation landscape.

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