Biju Patnaik Airport installs a 4 MW solar plant, making it entirely sustainable

According to the airport administration, the Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) in Bhubaneswar has a 4MWp solar power plant with 10530 380W PV modules installed in the operational area.

In the presence of Prasanna Pradhan, the director of the airport, and other authorities, Aparajita Sarangi, a member of parliament from Bhubaneswar, officially opened the 4 MW power plant on May 6.

“The solar plant is spread over an area of 13.28 acres with a project cost of Rs 18.75 crore,” the officials stated in a statement.

BPIA generates about 60per cent of the airport’s electrical needs on-site using solar energy, and the other 40per cent is obtained from other environmentally friendly sources like hydropower.

To usher in a more sustainable future, BPIA saw an increase in natural energy generation of 935963 KWH (solar power generation) from December 2022 to April 2023. Additionally, the airport imported a total of 2719046 KWH, or about 35per cent, of its energy needs from the grid, and it reached 100per cent utilisation of renewable sources of energy in April 2023.

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