Airbus offers upto 5% Sustainable Aviation Fuel free to Aircraft delivery

Airbus has announced a new offering for customers taking aircraft deliveries from its Toulouse and Hamburg centres. Starting with a recent IndiGo flight, Airbus now provides customers the choice of up to 5 percent pure sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) during aircraft handover. This initiative complements existing arrangements in Tianjin, China, and Mobile, Alabama, where varying SAF concentrations are already offered. 

To achieve this objective, Airbus has secured 6,805 hectolitres of SAF, with blend ratios ranging from 30 percent to 49 percent, resulting in around 18,000 hectolitres (475,500 US gallons) of blended SAF for 2023 alone. Airbus has set a target to reach 10 percent pure SAF in its own operations by 2023, including ferry flights. Anand Stanley, Airbus Asia Pacific president, expressed enthusiasm for the increased development and uptake of SAF, recognising its importance in achieving industry-wide goals for carbon neutrality. The provision of SAF during aircraft delivery aligns with the industry’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and work towards a sustainable aviation future.

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