Airbus appoints Christian Scherer as CEO of core planemaking unit

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Airbus announces Christian Scherer as CEO of its main planemaking business, aiming to enhance operational focus.

Airbus has confirmed the appointment of Christian Scherer as the CEO of its core planemaking operation, marking the first dedicated leadership for the segment in four years.

This move separates the responsibilities of group CEO Guillaume Faury, who had been overseeing both the wider company and the jetliner business since 2019. Scherer’s role as Commercial Aircraft CEO will commence on January 1, following discussions with unions.

Scherer, a veteran of the company, will assume an effective number two position within Europe’s largest aerospace group, allowing Faury to concentrate on the broader portfolio, including Airbus’s role in space and the development of a new fighter jet.

This restructuring maintains continuity in the primary commercial arm, which generates approximately 70 percent of the company’s revenues.

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