Air India & IndiGo’s aircraft orders lauded globally

World leaders are commending Air India and IndiGo for their substantial aircraft orders, totaling nearly 1,500 planes valued at $120 billion from Boeing and Airbus. During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit, the White House highlighted that Air India’s order for over 200 Boeing aircraft will bolster American jobs and contribute to India’s aviation sector’s modernization.

British PM Rishi Sunak also praised IndiGo’s historic order of 500 Airbus planes, emphasising its significant economic impact and job creation in the UK. Additionally, Boeing has committed to investing $100 million in India’s pilot training programs and infrastructure. IndiGo’s existing order includes approximately 1,000 Airbus A320neo family planes, while Air India’s order comprises 470 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. These orders indicate the airlines’ commitment to fleet expansion and strengthening the civil aviation industry.

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