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Mumbai Hosts The Maharashtra Water Summit 2022

The Maharashtra Water Summit 2022 was held on December 3, 2022, in Mumbai’s Yashwantrao Chavan Pratisthan Auditorium, in an effort to preserve and protect water in the Maharashtra region.

Press Release – 13 December 2022 – Mumbai

The Maharashtra Water Summit 2022 was a one-day conference that featured top academics, business leaders, government officials, and scientists as speakers. The purpose of the leadership forum was to explore the region’s water shortage and related challenges. The event’s theme, “Water for All: A Call for Solutions and Action,” put the emphasis on finding solutions, taking action, and ensuring the sustainability of water.

The forum’s main topics included water and climate change, infrastructure preservation and innovation for clean, drinkable water, as well as significant issues with water security. Urban regions have a variety of water-related problems, including difficulties with water security. While the creation and preservation of water bodies demand urgent notice and care, the role of the community in ensuring water security cannot be disregarded. Corporates and organisations are essential to this endeavour, and proactive water-positive actions can be implemented with the aid of CSR partnerships. The summit as a whole focused on this agenda and a corporate-led water sustainability strategy.

Hon. Minister Govt. was among the summit’s top visitors. Eknath Shinde, the Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of the Government of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, the chief minister of Maharashtra, and Dr. Rajendra Singh, dubbed the “Water Man of India,” is a proud holder of the Magsaysay Award (2001) and the Stockholm Water Prize (2015).

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, Dr. Senhal, and other speakers lit the first lamp at the summit. Rusen Kumar, the managing editor of the India CSR Network, then provided some background information. As part of the celebration of “Aazadi ka Amritmahotsav,” Chief Guest Rajendra Singh, also known as Jalpurush, led the audience in the revitalization of 75 rivers in Maharashtra. After his explanation, Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Chavhan, founder of Mission 500 Crore Litre Reservoir, provided a community-based decentralised water management method.

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh from Shipping & Logistics fraternity was honoured to be the only one to join the trade. He regarded Dr. Rajendra as a modern-day Bhishma Pitamah. Dr. Singh has 23 years of professional experience in his field and is currently employed by Asia Shipping as the company’s “Country head” in Brazil. Asia Shipping is a multinational corporation with operations all over the world. He oversees the PAN India team and is in charge of the development and growth of the company in India. He has a wealth of knowledge about the sector and trends in international trade because of his frequent travels. He is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist on the social front. He also serves on the corporate affairs advisory board for a number of non-governmental organisations in India. He was awarded the Bharat Shree and Bharat Gaurav awards after receiving his doctorate. Icon of Asia and the MSME board gave the “Acharya/Business Mentor of the Year” award. During the Indian CSR award ceremony, he was conferred the title of “Best Social Entrepreneur of the Year—2022” recently in New Delhi by respected Dr. Kiran Bedi.

 The COVID-19 pandemic left catastrophic effects on our lives, giving a new definition to our thinking. This sinister is a warning to mankind to be cautious with natural resources. This aftermath left a deep impact on Dr. Singh, entrusting him to actively participate in his philanthropic activities. In this endeavour, he joined the Daksh Foundation as a Member of the Chief Advisory Board—Corporate Affairs and Confederation of NGOs. In a short time, most companies have realised that it is not possible to imagine a world in which the well-being of people is disconnected from the preservation of natural capital. Dr. Singh exhorts the personnel of the PR department and CSR team to spend the cash appropriately. Water has, in fact, received more attention as a CSR issue by organisations than it has as a global and local concern in today’s world. He urged people to take advantage of the numerous chances in this industry. The level of private sector involvement is not commensurate with the seriousness of the problem. This gives businesses the chance to contribute more to society in a field that is important to all of their stakeholders, which strengthens relationships and increases brand recognition. 

According to the Companies Act, businesses must use two percent of their net profit for CSR initiatives. Corporates must assess the situation on the ground, and only then should they have faith in NGOs that are advancing humankind’s cause.

Dr. Singh informed that in the Shipping & logistics industry, export & import is primarily dependent on ocean mode as all commodities are physically shipped on vessels. Moving goods by sea is a viable option but there are several disadvantages of this mode also directly or indirectly polluting the water & environment. Whilst comparing Indian coast to European and Gulf countries, their cost of logistics is competitive due to easy manoeuvrability of mother vessels.

 He also expressed his gratitude to Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi who took significant initiative in improving Shipping Infrastructure which led to the birth of National Logistics Policy. In a span of two months only, this policy has proved to be a stepping stone in the Logistics Industry.  

Water Conservation & sustainability onus lies on the shoulders of each individual of the country. This responsibility can never be alone shouldered on Government, NGO’s or CSR initiatives. On an ending note, Dr. Singh mentions that the key is to always keep on trying to make this world a better and safer place to live for our future generations. 

The ceremony ended with honouring Finest Mind Speakers with Maharashtra Jal Samman 2022. This event is also being referred to as a benchmark for Maharashtra water conservation & sustainability.

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